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About our business terms

Here you can read about what you can and can’t do when using DMO GURU, our commitment to you and what we don't do.

Overall, we promise to look after your data with the utmost of care, and to continually improve the Application, as and when required. You can stop your subscription at any time. In return you commit to not abusing our content, idea, trademark and layout and you pay for using DMO GURU should you decide to continue at the end of the free trial period.

You accept our business terms by ticking the box during registration. We recommend you read our terms and conditions.

We have tried to write these terms in a language that we all understand, but legal matters can be complex, so if you have any questions or need help with the terms, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Remember to keep a copy of this agreement for your own use.


The product
We developed this Application to make it easy for you to manage your valuable customer information, and assure that you have your customer data available at your fingertips – easy and affordable. and the application, and the software, email information, information material and videos are developed and owned by DMO GURU ApS.

DMO GURU ApS offers an online CRM (Customer Relation Management) system (The application). We, DMO GURU ApS, reserve the right to at any time determine the content and functions in the Application, including removing previous content and functions, although always with a notice of 14 days.

The first 30 days trial is 100% free. After the trial period, you can continue using the Application, paying a monthly subscription fee until you choose to end your subscription at the end of a month.

The agreement
By signing an agreement with us, DMO GURU ApS for the use of the Application – either for a free trial or paid version - you (the Customer) accept the terms and conditions of our business. DMO GURU ApS gives the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and time-limited right to use the Application for as long as a subscription is paid.

Accessing this website and ticking the box next to the text confirms that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions and that you intend to be legally bound by them. Ticking the box is the equivalent of your signature and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Price and payment terms
All prices are stated in EURO and excl. VAT. Changes to the exchange rate, taxes, insurance, net price index, freight and purchase costs mean that DMO GURU ApS can adjust the prices accordingly.

When signing a subscription (following the end of the trial), the Customer automatically gives DMO GURU ApS the right to withdraw regular subscription payments from the customer’s credit card.

When withdrawing payment from the customer’s credit card for subscription renewal, an invoice will be sent to the customer's email. The Customer is responsible for staying up to date with their e-mails from DMO GURU ApS. Changes to email and credit card information are done via a link in the invoice.

NB. The email address you used to set up this account will be your username – even if you change email address later.

Credit card payment
DMO GURU ApS accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express.

Payment is made on behalf of DMO GURU ApS by Simplero and Stripe.

The customer can change or delete their payment card at any time. (See price and payment terms). Any credit card that is declined will be taken as a termination of the subscription. All data is stored and the subscription can continue following payment.

No refunds or right to cancel
The service is not covered by the legal 14 days' right to cancel as the service is digital and is thereby supplied at the time of payment.

Duration of your subscription
Your DMO GURU subscription applies for as long as you, the Customer, is registered with a valid credit card to cover the monthly subscription fee. A Customer receives access to the Application by setting up an account on and at the end of the trial period by paying the monthly subscription fee. The Customer’s access to the Application requires that the Customer does not have outstanding subscription payments to DMO GURU ApS.

All data is stored for a minimum of 6 months following the end of the subscription or contract violation, after which the data will be deleted.

The Customer can, at any time during this period, buy access to the Application and the stored data by renewing their subscription.

Any abuse of the Application and system is considered as significant violation and will lead to instant cut-off from the Application and system, including access to data in the system. In such instances, the Customer is not entitled to delivery of data. DMO GURU ApS can deny a customer access to the system if the Customer has previously violated a subscription.

Cancellation and transfer

You can cancel your subscription for the Application via the “Account” tab under “Settings”. Cancellation can be done at the latest one day prior to a new subscription period. Any missing payment for the subscription service is considered a cancellation and access to the Application and system will cease immediately.

The subscription cannot be transferred without DMO Guru’s express approval. DMO Guru reserves the right to charge a fee for a subscription transfer and data.

Customer’s data
The information the Customer enters in the system is handled confidentially and is under no circumstances passed to a third party in an identifiable format. Information may be used by DMO GURU for statistical purposes, but the source of the information will always remain anonymous.

Information collected from statistically-gathered information can be sold to a third party. Please note that at no point will information about the Customer or their data be passed to a third party, so that the Customer or data in relation to the specific Customer can be identified.

Customer’s access to own data
The Customer has at all times full access to their own account and data, as long as the Customer has paid the monthly subscription charge. If DMO GURU ApS generally wishes to close access to the Application, this can be done without reason, but will be notified via email 3 months prior to closure. During this period, the Customer will be entitled to retrieve all entered data from the system. However, this does not apply if the Customer has not paid for access to the Application or has violated their payments.

Updates and operational stability
DMO GURU ApS reserves the right to update and change the Application. We strive to conduct these updates with minimum disturbance to the Customer. In some instances, it may be required to close access to the Application while updates are being made. DMO GURU ApS strives to achieve the highest possible operational stability for the Application but cannot guarantee it.

The Customer accepts that DMO GURU Aps can send emails to the Customer during start-up, when new updates are available for the Application or if new applications are developed that may be of interest to the Customer. The Customer equally accepts that DMO GURU Aps can send emails containing advertising for third parties, which are of relevance for CMR. Receipt of emails can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the emails sent. Unsubscribing from emails mean that important information for the Customer about operations may be lost.

Liability limitation
Use of the Application is the Customer's liability and DMO GURU ApS cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses, including loss of turnover, costs for re-establishing data/information or similar, which can occur due to lack of access to the Application or break-down of the Application or supporting IT systems or software.

Responsibility for break-down and faults in the Application's supporting systems must be directed to DMO GURU ApS’s suppliers. DMO GURU cannot be held liable for DMO GURU’s suppliers and will not be held responsible for supplier faults.

DMO GURU ApS cannot be held liable for unauthorised third party access to the Customer’s data/information and any damage to data/information and hardware used. DMO GURU ApS cannot be held liable for any indirect losses, such as loss of turnover due to customer or order losses or costs when re-establishing data.

DMO GURU ApS cannot, regardless of the reason or fault committed, be held liable for loss of data. DMO GURU ApS shall naturally strive to ensure that the Customer's data is not lost or accessed by unauthorised parties. All sites run on SSL-encrypted websites to prevent unauthorised staff gaining access to data.

DMO GURU ApS is not responsible for problems occurring due to conditions that are outside DMO GURU ApS’ control. This applies to e.g. power cuts, problems with Internet connections, problems with hardware, hacker attacks, viruses or other forms of force majeure.

DMO GURU ApS’ maximum liability to the Customer cannot, regardless of the reason, exceed the Customer’s total payment of fees for one year of using the Application.

Unless otherwise stated DMO GURU ApS has copyright and all other rights to the material on and in the Application.

You acknowledge that any and all information, content, reports, data, databases, graphics, interfaces, web pages, text, files, software, product names, company names, trademarks, logos and trade names contained on this Website and application (collectively the “Content”) including the manner in which the Content is presented or appears and all information relating thereto, are the property of DMO GURU ApS.

Changes and updates
DMO GURU ApS can change and update these terms and information on rights at any time.

Any dispute between the Customer and DMO GURU ApS shall be resolved according to Danish law with the city court of Kongens Lyngby as the first instance.

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